Improve Your Lifestyle is owned and operated by The Nucleus Project.

To become involved with Improve Your Lifestyle costs a $99 Annual Subscription to the Nucleus Project you may then purchase the optional commission-able Lifestyle Training packages (all new members must begin with the budgeting training package).

NOTE! The $99 annual membership is commission-able with $33 being paid to the referrer and $3 paid up line through 7 levels per month for 11 months. Refer 3 and you are free and making commissions every month!

The Nucleus Project online social/business community is a key distinguishing benefit and a first in class social platform – Social Nucleus. You will have access to a worldwide social community and  also become part of a private group of like minded Improve Your Lifestyle Members at various levels of progression towards their goals and Training Packages in the system.

Some of the main features of our Social Community:

  • SN-Screenshot24/7 Member Social Networking Timeline post news, interests, videos
  • Multiple Chat Rooms
  • Real Time Chat
  • Private Messaging
  • Photo and Video  Sharing
  • Integrated Blog Posting
  • Classified Display Advertising
  • Business Pages
  • Public and Private Groups and Events
  • Topical Forums
  • Full Mobile Compatibility
  • Support Ticket System

The Nucleus Project $99 Annual Membership:

  • Access to Social Nucleus – our 24/7 private online social community with many features and benefits
  • Get Paid to Socialize Bonus Pool contributing in our Community
  • Replicated Website and Online Office
  • Option to upgrade to Premium member with unlimited income potential

The Nucleus Project Rewards Plan in Brief:

  • 7-day-guarantee-26 Income Streams
  • Up to 33% Personal Referral Bonuses
  • Social Nucleus Bonus Pool
  • Monthly 3×7 Matrix Commissions
  • Up to 100% Monthly Matching Bonuses
  • Global Bonus Pools
  • TNP Store Commissions
  • Refer 3 and you are Free!