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Improve Your Lifestyle is an Exclusive, Private, by Invitation Only Social / Business Community Offering Lifestyle Training Packages That Anyone Can Learn and Prosper From.

Improve Your Lifestyle is a partner company of The Nucleus Project, a worldwide online Membership Platform, where anyone can join for a commission-able annual fee of only $99 and receive:

  • Access to a private online social community for collaboration with other members and many other benefits.
  • Entry in The Nucleus Project Rewards Program 3×7 Matrix with 6 Income Streams
  • Access to a private online Improve Your Lifestyle group
  • A library of eBooks and Resources in the topic categories of wealth and finance
  • 20% Referral Commissions on Sales of IYL Memberships

With The Nucleus Project Annual Membership, Members gain access to a business friendly social media platform and community with many benefits, plus, it contains an Improve Your Lifestyle Private Group that focuses on the areas of Lifestyle Management and Financial Literacy. Members can also benefit from referring others to the Annual Nucleus Project Membership and receive 33% fast start referral bonus in the 3×7 Matrix with 7 income stream potential (see rewards plan). Refer 3 and you are free!

After creating an annual account members can then optionally decide to purchase an IYL Lifestyle Training Package.

These Lifestyle Training Packages include an ever increasing amount of financial & lifestyle related training, resources and insightful webinars.

Members that purchase a Lifestyle Training Packages are also placed into the corresponding Linear Payout System giving members the opportunity to turn an initial $100 purchase into $2,400 profit as they progress through the Linear Payout Systems.

The Nucleus Project online social/business community – Social Nucleus is a key distinguishing benefit and a first in class social media platform with many features and benefits.

Improve Your Lifestyle’s OPTIONAL benefit of our 3 Lifestyle Training Packages are the education and income component of the membership.

Improve Your Lifestyle has designed a way for any member to participate in our truly innovative Training Package Income Streams called Linear Payout Systems